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Annual Goodfellows Auction

19th Annual Good fellows Auction/Bake Sale Sunday December 3rd @2PM Located @ Hightower Waterfront Bar & Grill 5140 E. Loop Rd. Hesperia, MI 49421 231-854-2000. ( Remember! Christmas is a time for Giving! So let No Child Be Forgotten! All Proceeds go to Good Fellows. Donations for Bake Sale & Auction Wanted! Please No Junk! For more info call Michelle @ 231-861-4856 or Savanna @ 231-450-0731 or Hightower Waterfront Bar & Grill

19th Annual
Auction/Bake Sale
Sunday December 3rd, 2023
Located: Hightower Waterfront Bar & Grill
5140E. Loop Rd. 
Hesperia, MI 49421
All Proceeds Go To The GoodFellows
Donations for bake Sale & Auction Are Wanted!
Please No Junk!!
For More Information Call 
Michele @ 231-861-4856
Savanna @ 231-450-0731
Or Hightower Waterfront Bar & Grill
Remember! Christmas is a Time For Giving! 
So Let No Child Be Forgotten!!
Beyer Auction (Char and Nick)
( 231) 855-8555
Hesperia MI 49421