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Annual Goodfellows auction

18th Annual Goodfellows Auction/ Bakesale Sunday Dec. 4 2022 @ 2 PM Located @ Hightower Waterfront Bar & Grill

18th Annual Goodfellows
Auction / Bakesale 
Sunday December 4, 2022 @ 2:00pm 
Being held @
Hightower Waterfront Bar & Grill
5140 E. Loop Rd. Hesperia, MI 49421
Proceeds to go to the Goodfellows !!
Christmas is a time for giving, so 
Let No Child Be Forgotten!!
Donations for Auction and Bakesale
Please look in your attic, garage, basement, barn , etc. .
You;ll probably find something ! Someone might want!!
Please No Junk!!!
For more information
Call Michelle @231-861-4856 or Savanna @ 231-450-0731 or Hightower Waterfront Bar & Grill @ 231-854-2000
Thank You And We Hope to see you there!!

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